Pan Pacific Hotels Group is an international hotel management company with a global portfolio that spans over 30 hotels, resorts and serviced suites in Asia, Oceania and North America.

With our hotels employing over 10,000 associates and serving over a million guests and customers each year, we believe that corporate responsibility involves doing what is right for its stakeholders.

As a business, this entails balancing financial priorities while ensuring sustainable relationships with the environment and communities where we operate, as well as with our own associates.

This belief is woven into our business fabric - it extends beyond our Business Code of Conduct and Ethics; it is a part of our Values, and the 'global mindset" we instill in all our associates.

Our Culture

In furthering Pan Pacific Hotels Group’s Purpose of ‘Great Brands, Great Hotels, Great People and Great Relationships, and fulfilling our Vision of ‘Creating Memorable Hotel Experiences’, it is a business imperative that our associates embrace diversity – in cultures, value systems, opinions, experiences and skills.  

Our Values, set the ‘rules of engagement’ for our team members and how we connect with guests, business partners, owners, suppliers and community.
“Collaborating, communicating openly, recognising and valuing diversity” are key aspects of Pan Pacific Hotels Group’s Values and help direct our behavior at all times.

Click here more information on the Group’s Vision, Purpose and Values.

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Our Diverse Workforce

The Group believes in providing equal employment opportunities and rewarding associates based on merit, qualifications, competence and performance without discrimination. Given our global presence, our talent needs are shaped by a diversified team boasting different nationalities, age groups, backgrounds and skill-sets that bring forth broader and more enriching perspectives to the workplace.

In building our leadership teams and talent platform, we are conscious and focused on mixing talent. We do not stack leadership teams with individuals from a similar backgrounds, be it in corporate experience or country of origin. We seek out different talents and opinions and ensure individual viewpoints are not crowded out.

As Pan Pacific Hotels Group grows and expands with new properties, locations, and associates, the more important it will be for us to embrace and encourage diversity.

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Our Code of Business Conduct

Equal Employment Opportunity

Under our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Pan Pacific Hotels Group is committed to provide equal employment opportunity and reward our associates based on merit, qualifications, competence and performance. Regardless of race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, disability, genetic information, and sexual orientation or any condition or status as protected by law.

A policy of non-discrimination prevails throughout all aspects of the employment relationship including recruitment, selection, placement, transfer, promotion, layoff, termination, training, working conditions, benefits and compensation.

All associates and job applicants are guaranteed equality of employment opportunity. This means that Pan Pacific Hotels Group will not discriminate against any worker or applicant on the basis of any condition as stipulated by law. All recruitment selection, placement and training made by Pan Pacific Hotels Group management will be based on candidates’ job-related abilities and match for the position.

Whistle Blowing

Pan Pacific Hotels Group adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance and expects its associates to comply with all relevant laws, rules and regulations as well as its code of business conduct.

The objective of the Whistle Blowing Policy is to provide a channel for associates and external parties dealing with the associates to bring to the attention of the Audit and Risk Committee any misdeeds or improprieties which may be committed by any associate of Pan Pacific Hotels Group.

The Whistle Blowing Policy aims to encourage the reporting in good faith of any suspected improper conduct whilst protecting the Whistle Blowers from reprisals within the limits of the law. All cases reported are objectively investigated and appropriate remedial measures are taken where warranted.

Pan Pacific Hotels Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UOL Group. If you wish to lodge a report or complaint, provide feedback or make enquiries on the Whistle Blowing Policy, please provide details through the following channels:



UOL Group Limited
101 Thomson Road
#33-00 United Square
Singapore 307591

Attention: Head, Internal Audit
Private and Confidential

Do include your name in your report or complaint and sufficient details of the subject matter so that the Receiving Officer will be able to review and assess the matter. Pan Pacific Hotels Group will take all necessary measures to ensure that your identity shall remain confidential.

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Our Commitment to the Environment

With 22 global destinations in its portfolio, the Group is deeply mindful of its ecological footprint and is committed to responsible environmental practices.  Green Committees comprising representatives from the facilities, operations, procurement, IT and finance teams have been formed at our hotels to champion and enhance the Group’s sustainability efforts.


In North America, Pan Pacific Seattle’s PanEarth sustainability programme continues to lead our conservation efforts. Its zero-impact policy offers guests the option of carbon-neutral stays by purchasing credits for the generation of clean wind energy. The hotel matches, dollar-for-dollar, all guest donations towards renewable energy credits, with 10% of total proceeds going to beneficiaries at Food Lifeline, a local non-profit organisation for hunger relief.

The benefits resulting from the PanEarth sustainability programme have been immense. While setting benchmarks for environmental efforts, PanEarth also works closely with several community organisations and contributes to social causes ranging from hunger relief and muscular dystrophy, to autism and AIDS. Moreover, it supports programmes for the elderly and disadvantaged children through fund-raising and volunteer activities. Our ambition is to globalise PanEarth and to spread its initiatives to our other hotels, resorts and services suites worldwide.

PARKROYAL on Pickering

The highly anticipated PARKROYAL on Pickering, which opened in 2013, highlights the Group’s efforts in sustainability. The development incorporates environmentally sustainable features such as rainwater harvesting, automatic sensors to regulate energy and water usage, and solar cells for powering landscape lighting. Lush foliage is a prominent feature, with impressive sky gardens, green walls, waterfalls and a wide variety of plants adding to the biodiversity of its tropical hotel-in-a-garden concept.

Prior to being operational, PARKROYAL on Pickering was awarded a Green Mark Platinum certification – the highest in its category from Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority. With award-winning architects WOHA behind it, the development has set new benchmarks for the amount of landscaping and greenery created in a high-density urban environment.

PARKROYAL on Pickering also bagged the Solar Pioneer Award – a recognition conferred by the Energy Innovation Programme Office, which is led by Singapore’s Economic Development Board and Energy Market Authority. In its third year, the Solar Pioneer Award honours pioneering solar installations in Singapore that are innovative in system design, size and installation techniques.  Notably, the hotel was commended for its energy-efficient air-conditioning system, use of sustainable LED lighting, and high-performance laminated double-glazed low-E glass that cuts out exterior heat and noise.

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Our Commitment to the Community

Through charitable missions, volunteer work and donation drives, Pan Pacific Hotels Group and its hotels put our values into practice by encouraging caring and sharing within the wider community, instilling greater compassion towards the plight of society’s less fortunate.

The Group has undertaken numerous initiatives focused on youth development, as well as families and children – one of which is its Youth Career Development Programme (YCDP). Launched in Thailand in cooperation with United Nations Children's Fund, the YCDP is designed to provide innovative educational and vocational training to disadvantaged youths who may otherwise be engulfed in crime, prostitution, drugs, exploitation, abuse, and deprivation.

Over the past decade, the programme has successfully facilitated access to training and employment opportunities in the hospitality industry to hundreds of young men and women from underprivileged families – beneficiaries of the Rajaprajanukrow Foundation – mainly from the Northern and Northeastern provinces of Thailand.

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